A spillage on the Southern Motorway is causing delays for motorists as congestion levels build around the city.

The centre lane of southbound traffic on the Southern has a spillage on it which is causing delays, the New Zealand Transport Agency said.

Motorists in the area are asked to take extra care and to expect delays, adding to heavy traffic levels between the city and Greenlane.

There are also heavy patches between Ellerslie and Mt Wellington and again between Highbrook and Takanini.


Heading north towards the city on the Southern Motorway, traffic is heavy between Mt Wellington and Market Rd.

Elsewhere, southbound motorists chugging along slowly between Mahunga Drive and Massey Rd due to an earlier crash near Massey Rd.

In the other direction, traffic is slow between Cavendish Drive and Massey Rd due to rubbernecking and heavy between Walmsley Rd and Neilson St.

Northbound motorists on the Northern Motorway can expect heavy congestion between the Victoria Park Tunnel and Upper Harbour Highway.

Citybound is similar with slow traffic between Greville Rd and the Upper Harbour Highway, again between Northcote Rd and the Harbour Bridge.

The Northwestern has a queue for the Northern Link citybound and heavy traffic between Great North Rd and Lincoln Rd westbound.