The kids are in for a real education if you take them to Kelly Tarlton's these school holidays.

The Auckland aquarium, which has thousands of visitors through its doors each year, has a surprising number of errors in its opening display.

In the first educational slide you encounter, you will learn that explorer Robert Scott's "accademic" "expidition" to Antarctica ended in "tradgedy" after "thier" supplies became "desperatley" low.

That's just five of 24 misspelt words and grammatical errors that appear in the egregiously edited electronic interface as you enter the aquarium.

The display's bloopers.
The display's bloopers.

The display is installed in the Scott's Hut exhibit, a life-size replica of British explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott's Antarctic hut in which his team of 25 men sheltered on their way to the South Pole in 1911.

But apostrophes are missing from "New Zealands", "Scotts" and "doesnt", and words such as "indured", "dissapearance" "terrtitorial", "returtned", "cielling" are misspelt. Perhaps most criminally, "thier" appears multiple times.

The other exhibits in the aquarium appear to be error-free.

Kelly Tarlton's spokeswoman Selena Colavitti said the content of the offending screen was created as a "temporary solution" after the previous screen broke.

"We pride ourselves on providing amazing guest experiences so we are currently looking into the screen and its displayed content and will remove and rectify as soon as possible."