Fourteen people were trapped in the elevator of a 13-storey building on Saturday.

The incident happened at the Wellesley Student Apartments on Mount St according to Stuff.

Auckland University of Technology spokeswoman Alison Sykora told the Herald the doors were eventually opened by a lift technician.

Fourteen people had been in the lift for just over an hour, she said.


"Our security answered as soon as they pressed the call button in the lift and another member of the team reached them about 10 minutes after their call.

"We understand one person did receive assistance from paramedics at the scene and was then allowed to leave."

One student told Stuff that at least one lift was always broken but it was impossible to use the stairs because the stairwell doors were permanently locked.

Sykora confirmed people had access to the stairwells to leave the building but not to go up the stairs.

There are also four different lifts in the building. she said.

"We are exploring the idea of enabling residents to use the stairs to reach their floor and considering the balance between security, safety and convenience."