Congestion is heavy on Auckland's Southern Motorway following an incident near the Gillies Ave off-ramp earlier this evening.

The left-hand lane was closed for a short time but has since been cleared but motorists are being told to expect significant delays.

A police spokesperson said one person was being treated by ambulance staff "but there was nothing in the job to indicate it was serious".

The incident occurred around 30m before the off-ramp and only one car was involved.


There is another heavy traffic patch at Manukau further south, meanwhile, traffic is also heavy between Mt Wellington and the city.

Elsewhere on the Northern Motorway, traffic is heavy for northbound motorists between Tristram Ave and the Upper Harbour Highway.

Citybound traffic on the Northern is heavy between Esmonde Rd and the Harbour Bridge.

Traffic on the Southwestern Motorway is relatively free-flowing in both directions except for a heavy patch for southbound motorists at Massey Rd.

Westbound traffic on the Northwestern Motorway is heavily congested between the Causeway and Te Atatu Rd. Citybound traffic is free-flowing.