A neighbour returning from a walk was saddened to find a person had died on his friend's driveway today after being pinned beneath a car.

David Warren arrived home to his quiet East Auckland cul de sac after midday and was met by a police cordon and a large emergency services presence.

"I saw a body lying covered on the ground, it was at the house of my friend," Warren said.

"Fortunately I saw my friend a bit later so I was very relieved to see him there."


Warren was upset someone had died at the address. "It is very sad indeed," he said.

Police said they responded to an emergency call at 12.15pm from Pitlochry Place in Highland Park.

"Initial reports suggest the man was pushing a vehicle down a driveway about
12.15pm when he somehow became trapped underneath it," a police spokeswoman said.

"His next-of-kin have been notified and the death will be referred to the

When contacted by the Herald the owner of the house said he did not want to comment.

Resident Donald Watson said there were about eight police cars at the incident and the street was cordoned off.

"There is a lime green family sedan type car over a driveway and that seems to be the centre of interest," Watson said.

"An ambulance arrived but it was not required, it left without taking anyone away."


Watson did not hear any noises around the time of the incident.

He said the first he knew of anything was when emergency services arrived in the street.

"Police told us to go back inside our houses," he said.