If it weren't for the flashes of red paint and patches of glass, it would be difficult to say for sure what exactly is underneath an explosion of flowers on the side of an Auckland street.

Bursting out of the boot, side windows and covering almost every centimetre of what is in fact a red vintage Mini parked up on Shortland St, are dozens and dozens of fresh blooms.

The guerrilla flower installation is the work of Kensal Flower Studio.

Owner Liv Wakem says its purpose is simply to spread the joy and put a smile on people's faces.


"To create a buzz about spring and the warmer weather ... by making beautiful flowers accessible to everyone in a way New Zealand has never seen before," she says.

Wakem recently moved from London where she ran a flower shop called Scarlet and Violet. Among her clients were fashion giants and even the Queen.

The flower-bombed car will sit there for the day, up until 7pm.

Similar short-lived botanical installations have been done in New York.