When it comes to birthday celebrations, Linda Wiggins could be considered something of an expert. After all, she has celebrated 110 of her own.

On Monday, Linda celebrated her 110th birthday at Marire Home in Stratford where she now lives. With a special morning tea put on to celebrate the occasion, and plenty of balloons and cake present, Linda said she felt "very spoilt" by all the attention and fuss.

While Statistics NZ can't confirm whether Linda is, in fact, the oldest person in New Zealand today, she is certainly one of them.

An online database shows her as being fourth oldest - with three anonymous women ahead of her. The database shows one woman in New Zealand as being 111, and two other ladies having turned 110 recently.


Linda, who moved to Stratford when she was 99, has five children, 19 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren and 49 great-great-grandchildren and says she enjoys seeing her "grandies".

"They're all very special."

At the birthday celebration, Stratford mayor Neil Volzke said Linda had given a range of advice on how to live a long life over the years. He believed it could best be summarised as "live a good life", something she has certainly done, he added.

The Stratford Press

has collected some of the advice Linda has given when interviewed over the years:

* "Just be happy, don't let things worry you." (2018)

* "Whatever age you are, you should just try to be a good person, work hard and be honest." (2017)

* "Stay positive and just keep going." (2016)

* "Living a good, clean life."(2015)

* "Living a farm life, and keep on going." (2013)

Linda is always willing to try new things - pictured her riding a horse in her 90s
Linda is always willing to try new things - pictured her riding a horse in her 90s