A Christchurch teenager convicted for plotting a terror attack is continuing to make positive progress in his rehabilitation.

The youth, now 18, who didn't go through with the plan to ram a car into a group of people and then stab them, was sentenced to intensive supervision when he appeared at the Christchurch District Court earlier this year.

He was radicalised online and told police he'd "done it for Allah".

Court-imposed suppression orders prevent further details from being published, including his name.


He has been coming to court every month for Judge Stephen O'Driscoll to get progress reports on his judicial monitoring.

The judge has been impressed by his continued progress.

He had taken up golf, undertaken counselling, and was visiting a local mosque for religious mentoring sessions with the Imam.

Today, the teen told Judge O'Driscoll that he now has 20 NCEA credits – up from 12 last month – and is still cooking meals and exercising.

"I'm doing well with my intensive supervision," he said.

A Department of Corrections representative said he is doing "exceptionally well".

Judge O'Driscoll said he was "really happy" with his progress, and was satisfied that they could start meeting every two months, instead of monthly.