A trip to Hobbiton ended in tragedy for a young couple after their car collided with a truck.

Damien Currie, 17, formerly known as Zoe, and Skyler Wright, 21, formerly known as Brendon, died in hospital after they were critically injured in the crash on State Highway 27 at Waharoa on August 31.

Currie died on September 5, and Wright died on September 7. Both were from Auckland and both died in Waikato Hospital.

Wright's god-sister, Anastasia Courtney, said those connected with the couple were completely heartbroken. However, she had found a silver-lining in the amount of love people were showing towards them.


"From the beginning I was quite bleak about it but then when I saw all the people going to visit Skyler and the messages, I was really happy," she said.

"From what I have seen in the past few days, Skyler could be friends with anybody.

"People would sometimes be unkind to her but she was always nice back. She had infinite forgiveness and no thought for grudges.

"I think Skyler put as much love as she could into the world and hoped some of it would come back – and from what I have seen it did eventually."

Wright, formerly known as Brendon, died on September 7. Photo / Supplied
Wright, formerly known as Brendon, died on September 7. Photo / Supplied

Courtney is based in the UK but said she lived with Wright her entire childhood.

The pair attended Victoria Avenue School before Wright went on to Remuera Primary School and Auckland Grammar.

"Skyler was probably the most loyal person I knew. What Skyler did very well for the people she loved was be really loyal and she would have done anything for them. I was lucky enough to be one of those people," Courtney said.

"She was a very gentle giant and was very protective."


Born as a male, Wright transitioned to being identified as a female two years ago and formed a relationship with Currie.

"She had not started a visual or physical transition, but I don't think she cared. That is one thing about Skylar, she didn't really care what other people thought," Courtney said.

Courtney said Wright also enjoyed cooking, martial arts, singing and was training as a mechanical apprentice.

"She was very happy to drift, join this group and do this thing. She was there for the ride, really."

While Courtney had not met Currie, she said she was happy the couple had found each other amidst life's struggles.

"They both struggled a lot through their lives, so to know they have each other makes me happy," she said.

"They will both be missed greatly."

Damien Currie was farewelled at a funeral in Kaeo, Northland, on Sunday, while Skyler Wright's funeral will be held on Tuesday.

A police spokesperson said no charges will be laid over the crash and the pair's deaths have been referred to the coroner.