For many youths their body image is a major cause for concern leading some to say our young people are struggling to see their self worth, a survey has revealed.

Community campaigning organisation ActionStation surveyed 1045 people between 12 and 24 from cities across the country between July 20 and August 7.

"Even with all of the body confidence campaigning, young people still struggle with seeing their self worth," one respondent said.

Survey participants were asked to choose from a list of 18 concerns. Forty-six per cent, or 479, people chose "body image" as their top concern after "succeeding in studies and getting good grades" which was chosen by 49 per cent of respondents.


One respondent who asked to remain anonymous said she had a friend who had struggled with her body image so badly that she had acute mental health episodes, panic attacks and was hospitalised for anorexia.

Another friend "doesn't think they will accept her, another who self harms, and another who regularly struggles with body image and self worth".

"All 16 or younger, all normal, high functioning, wonderful people."

The survey included a 28 question online survey, 12 interviews with youth workers, young people and researchers and 16 rapid-fire workshops with 148 young people and youth workers.

Seventy-four per cent of respondents were female, 21 per cent were male and 4 per cent were non-binary or gender diverse.