The Government has announced a three-year $390 million package for walking and cycling today and repeated a commitment to fully fund the Skypath project over the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Labour committed up to $30m for the SkyPath cycle and walkway across the bridge at last year's election, but recent figures put the cost at $67m.

SkyPath will be connected with SeaPath, a 3km cycle and walkway from Northcote Pt and along the motorway to Esmonde Rd in Takapuna at a combined cost of $99 million.

Both projects are due to be completed by 2021.

A digital image of the proposed Skypath across the Harbour Bridge.
A digital image of the proposed Skypath across the Harbour Bridge.

Bike Auckland's Barb Cuthbert said the announcement is backed by decades of work to make SkyPath a reality, fulfilling a huge and long-felt need.

"Like the Waterview Tunnel, this project will be used and celebrated by thousands of Aucklanders every day, and will change lives. Not only will SkyPath allow people to ride from the Shore to the City, it will also enable travel from out west along SH16, from the east along Tamaki Drive, and from the southside via the wonderful new SH20 and Waterview cycleways," she said.

Cycling Action Network Patrick Morgan said it was great news whether you rode a bike or not.

"This is not just about getting on your bike. We're all better off with less congestion, lower transport bills, cleaner air and better health. That's why the AA supports cycling."

Morgan credited successive Governments for their commitment to improving walking and cycling.

"The previous National-led Government set the pedals in motion. Now under the leadership of Phil Twyford and Julie Anne Genter we are getting up to speed."

"More people on bikes is the best bang for the buck in transport investment."

Living Streets Aotearoa president Andy Smith said Skypath will be a wonderful connection for Auckland's walkers, runners and wheelchair users as well as cyclists.


"Skypath gives Auckland's feet a lift," said Smith, who has been part of the SkyPath project since it started in 2014.