Police are continuing their search for the two people who fired shots at surfers at a remote west coast surf break.

The Herald reported this week surfers and boaties were being threatened and some had been shot at when they were at Albatross Point off the Taharoa coastline, including a 14-year-old boy, his father and another friend last Thursday morning.

Last Thursday the Te Awamutu trio took jetskis from Kawhia Harbour about 11.45am and travelled 20 minutes south to Albatross Point. They were surfing the break when gunshots stopped them in their tracks.

The first two shots sounded some distance away, but the third fired from bushland overlooking the water landed just metres away from where one of the group, a teenager, was surfing.


Kawhia Police Senior Constable Jonathan Maoate said police were in Taharoa today chasing leads, but the identity of the two people on the ridgeline who fired the shots was unknown.

Maoate said the ocean was for everyone's use and enjoyment and encouraged everyone to be careful and follow the rules when out on the water. If anything untoward occurred people should contact police as soon as possible, he said.

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