The moment a car and bus crashed on Queen St last night, causing major traffic disruption and leaving one person with serious injuries, was captured on video.

A driver waiting at the intersection of Queen and Victoria Sts last night had a dashcam filming the incident.

The intersection of Queen St and Victoria St was blocked after the head-on collision that happened just before 7.50pm.

The motorist, who wished to remain anonymous, said the collision was hard and made a really loud bang.


The Mercedes car, which appeared to be going 40 to 50km/h, ran the red light and did not attempt to stop until the last second, the motorist said.

"The bus had right of way. It came to a stop, it must have seen the car coming.

"There was one guy who ran over and opened the door, but he backed away. I think he realised there was not much he could do."

Police said the driver of the car was seriously injured and is in hospital.

The road was cleared by 9.45pm.