It is the majestic sleeping giant embedded into the rugged hillside of Havelock North which draws a million visitors per year - Te Mata Peak.

Now there's a chance to expand the park even further, but it's up to the Hawke's Bay community to make that happen.

The Te Mata Trust Board needs to raise $1.5m for 8.5 hectares of land and it has invited the members of the public to join the journey.

Trustees have launched a new website -One Giant Chance-to promote the cause, where people can read about the piece of land and make donations.


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The land is strategically sited between Tauroa Rd entrance, the Main Gates entrance and down Te Mata Peak Rd.

The trustees have entered into a contract with the landowner, conditional on raising finance by the end of 2018.

"We are hopeful that the funding will be sourced locally, from our own community," says Te Mata Trust chairman Mike Devonshire.

"We wish to invest further in educational opportunities, encouraging schools and youth groups to visit, learn and enjoy nature, giving them an experience to learn more about our culture and physical environment."

The number of people visiting the peak is increasing year on year and a recent park survey indicated that people who ride, walk or run in the park would like to see an expanded boundary with more trails and native trees.

"Many enjoy the park as their treasured sanctuary, a place for solitude and reflection. With visitor numbers increasing, we wish to protect our park ambiance and serenity and meet the expectations of our park users, without compromising the special 'park experience'."

Devonshire says the ideal piece of land is a "missing piece to the puzzle", presenting wonderful opportunities to expand the park boundaries and protect the outlook and scenic corridor leading into the park.


"We wish to secure the integrity of the park and ensure this neighbouring land is used for recreational purposes: protecting the serene, rural and unique experience at the park."

The piece of land has all the topography for plenty of recreational purposes.

"There's steep cliffs, there's a cave, flat land, there's even a wetlands area.

"The users don't want the park to change. They love the rugged, rustic solitude. They love going there and only seeing a handful of people.

"The Chambers Walk is the only access point from Tauroa Rd and it's getting quite congested because there's different user groups such as mountain bikers, runners and walkers. So by purchasing this land you are widening the entrance way for people."

Those wishing to join the trust on its journey to purchase the land can do so at

Donations can also be made to a Givealittle page.