The jury is considering its verdict in a Northland gang murder trial.

Rawden Yates, 37, is standing trial in the High Court at Whangārei charged with the murder of fellow Tribesmen gang member Kimble Moore in March 2016.

Yates is accused of shooting Moore, 48, twice in the back and once in the side in March 2016. Moore was reported missing from Taipa by his partner and his body was found buried in a shallow grave six months later in the Fairburn area.

Yates has denied murdering Moore and told the High Court jury that the fatal shots were fired in the course of a scuffle for the weapon.


In his evidence Yates said Moore had pointed the gun at him and he was defending himself.

But the Crown said Yates deliberately killed Moore and disposed of his body and the death was murder.

The trial started on July 30 and after the prosecution and defence closed their cases, and Justice Mathew Downs summed up the cases, the jury of eight women and three men retired just after 4pm to consider their verdict.

The jury deliberated for an hour or so before being sent home for the night and were set to resume deliberations this morning.