Life in the small town of Waihi is never a boar and Sunday evening was no different after police pursued and captured a pig on one of the town's main streets.

The pig was estimated to weigh 150kg and emergency services were notified of it making its way through the town and a pursuit ensued.

Police, St John crew and workers from the local KFC managed to distract the pig before trapping it in a makeshift pen at the local Presbyterian church.

"They fed it KFC chips and bread rolls to distract the pig and stop it running down Seddon St. They found a temporary home for the pig behind the Presbyterian church.


"The pig was left to contemplate his sinful behaviour," Waihi police Constable Harley North told Gold FM.

North said it was not known how the pig got loose but he assumed it was likely to be someone's pet that had escaped. Gold FM report the pig was returned to its owner.