The jury has retired to decide if taxi driver Baljeet Singh indecently assaulted radio host Jay-Jay Feeney.

Singh's trial for allegedly indecently assaulting the radio host began on Monday in the Auckland District Court before a jury and Judge Nevin Dawson.

Feeney, the long-time host of The Edge's breakfast show, waived her right to suppression and had talked about her allegations on social media.

She now hosts a drive-time show with Jason Gunn.


Singh, 28, denied the charge and pleaded not guilty last year.

Today Judge Dawson summarised the prosecution and defence arguments for the jury.

"There is really only one issue in this trial and that is did Mr Singh touch Ms Harvey's [Feeney's] breast?"

The Crown submitted that Feeney has been "consistent, candid and straight-up" throughout the trial.

The Crown said Feeney was upfront and did not shy away from questions, Judge Dawson said.

She was clear about how much she had to drink and did not have any "blanks" in her recollection.

In communications with her ex-husband she "told it like it was".

Feeney had never resiled from her evidence about being indecently assaulted, Judge Dawson said.


But the defence said that Singh had been publicly and falsely accused and "is living every man's worst nightmare".

"The defence case is that no such touching happened," Judge Dawson said.

"The fact that Ms Harvey [Feeney] publicly told people she had been indecently assaulted does not make an untruth a truth."

The defence case is that her claim is unsubstantiated, unreliable and strongly denied, Judge Dawson said.

The defence said the claim was made public on Facebook, with the publicity it generated bringing it to the attention of police. Feeney had not gone to the police first.

"He has consistently denied the allegation."

Singh accepted personal banter had been exchanged between them.

"It is submitted Mr Singh was simply trying to calm her down."

The defence submitted that false allegations could become entrenched and in this case a drunken text to an ex-husband had simply gone out of control, Judge Dawson said.

Judge Dawson said Singh had chosen not to give evidence but had given a police interview.

"The fact he did not give evidence proves nothing at all."

Feeney gave her evidence in court with a screen to prevent her from seeing him, and had a Victim Support person with her, Judge Dawson said.

"It is not something you should read anything into."

The jury has now retired to consider a verdict.