A service is being held at Rātana outside Whanganui this morning to thank those supporters of the Ngāi Te Rangi community who helped following a bus crash outside Sanson yesterday.

Nineteen people were onboard the bus that crashed off the road and into a ditch. The bus was 27 years old and had failed at least eight road safety checks in its time, most recently in 2013.

Members from Ngāi Te Rangi will be arriving at Rātana Paa for a service at the temple.

The Secretary Gerneral of Te Haahi Rātana, Piri Rurawhe, says there was a big effort from parishes in Whanganui and Palmerston North.


"I received a call from one of our whānau members in Palmerston North who's related to the people who were on the bus ... half had been sent to Whanganui and the others to Palmerston North.

"We contacted our people in both parishes to get along to the hospitals to ... provide support and then later on providing prayers for them and for their whānau. But also providing kai and clothes and all that sort of stuff."

Rurawhe said it was a great effort from the parishes and today was for the members of Ngāi Te Rangi to say thanks.

The cause of the accident was under investigation. There were no fatalities.