Residents have been shut out of residential areas throughout Glen Eden tonight as police and the Armed Offenders Squad execute a search warrant in the area.

A police spokeswoman said they were executing a "routine search warrant" in the area and could not comment further.

A concerned local told the Herald they heard "three loud gunshots" around 10pm but a police spokeswoman said no firearms were discharged.

"We've checked and no shots were fired at that search warrant. That one is wrapped up now. I understand that no one was arrested," she said.


One local posted to the Glen Eden Facebook group asking what was going on in the neighbourhood, and hundreds have responded.

"Captain Scott [Rd] closed off. Anyone know what's happening? Police with big guns won't let residents in," they wrote.

Several said police officers were stationed outside their houses on the street and many speculate that a drug bust was underway.

One responder said police officers outside the cordon were stopping people as they left the police cordon, and were checking the contents of their boots.