A Northland woman unsuccessfully tried to stop her partner from going for a car ride with a fellow gang member she didn't trust, a Northland murder trial has heard.

Shinella Simeon gave evidence in the High Court at Whangārei yesterday against Rawden "Big Boy" Yates who is accused of killing fellow Tribesmen gang member Kimble Moore in the Far North in 2016.

Moore was shot in the back three times before his body was found buried in a shallow grave in the Fairburn area, six months after he was reported missing by Simeon.

She gave evidence from behind a screen and said Moore woke her up about 3am on March 17, 2016 to "go and see the bros" but did not elaborate despite her repeatedly asking him.


Simeon said she thought Moore meant Tribesmen members either in Kerikeri or Auckland.

While travelling on State Highway 10, she told the jury her partner suggested they should visit Yates' sister Clarissa Yates who lived on Parapara Hill just before Taipa to ensure she was all right.

Simeon said Moore decided to check on Clarissa Yates because her brother was on the run and wanted by police.

Tribesmen gang member Rawden Yates in the High Court at Whangārei charged with Kimble Moore's murder. Photo/John Stone
Tribesmen gang member Rawden Yates in the High Court at Whangārei charged with Kimble Moore's murder. Photo/John Stone

While all three were smoking methamphetamine in a car at the house Clarissa Yates' lived in, Simeon said Rawden Yates turned up and they decided to look at two cars on the property.

Rawden Yates, she said, wanted to take Moore for a ride in a Holden Commodore but she told her partner not to go and even tried to accompany them because she did not trust Rawden Yates.

Both men left about 4.30am and that was the last Simeon said she saw her partner.

About two days later, she found Rawden Yates at a friend's place and he told her he had dropped Moore off at the "bomb shelter", about 500m from her Waipapakauri house.

"I said bulls***. That just didn't make sense to me," Simeon told the jury.


Her family did not find Moore at the bomb shelter, she said.

Yates' lawyer, Nick Leader, said the first time Simeon spoke to police on March 18, 2016, she said she and Moore had been fishing at the mouth of the Taipa Harbour until 4am the previous day. Simeon admitted she lied because she didn't want to get Moore into trouble.

Leader said Simeon sent a text in the afternoon of March 6, 2016 to someone saying, "uncle Mark has taken Kimble's colours off him. F*** it's pissing him off" - referring to his gang patch.