A Westport woman was assaulted by a man after she refused to give him money when he came to her home.

Now police are asking for help finding the assailant.

About 6.50am on July 6 a man entered a rural property on Utopia Rd, approaching the occupant of the property and asking her for money.

When she declined to give him money he assaulted her before fleeing through a neighbouring property.


Detective Mal Haughey said a number of inquiries had been made since the incident, however police were still looking for information from the community.

"We are asking anyone with CCTV cameras on their properties in rural Westport to check these and contact us if they see anyone acting suspiciously on or near their property in recent weeks.

"We also want anyone who lives on Utopia Rd who may have seen this man either on 6 July or around this time to give us a call."

The man was described as tall and thin, wearing a dark woollen beanie and dark zip-up jacket.

"We want everyone in our communities to feel safe and we encourage neighbours to keep an eye on each other," Haughey said.

"If you see anything suspicious or you feel unsafe – contact us immediately."

Call 03 788 8316 if you have information on this incident or other concerning activity in Westport. Information can also be provided anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.