If things go Martin Damon's way, he'll have the best excuse for being late to work today.

The avid English football fan will be watching this morning's semifinal between Croatia and Damon's motherland, England, to see who will progress into the final of this year's Fifa World Cup.

If England go through, it will be a dream come true for the Tauranga real estate agent.

"I've watched nearly every game. I get right into it. I've been right into it since I was a young boy," he said.


Damon had faith his team would pull through but if he was being honest, he was also happy they had simply made it this far.

"We've had so many years of upset," he said.

"Every time it comes around, every time we think 'it's our chance this time', something or someone always slips up. Whether it's penalty shoot-outs or a sending off.

"But with football, whether we win or lose, we know we will have a bloody good sing-song."

Damon said he had already warned his boss at Eves real estate agency in Papamoa that he'll be starting work later today.

Damon has been living in New Zealand for about 12 years but said: "I must admit, I wouldn't mind being back for this.

"It would be ridiculous."

England, the 1966 World Cup champions, last reached the semifinals in 1990. In 2014, the team didn't even make it out of the group stage.