The member of the public who reported a man reading, using his mobile phone and driving a truck yesterday has spoken out about the incident.

Speaking to the Otago Daily Times on condition of anonymity, the man said he tooted his horn at the driver of the commercial ''7-tonne'' flatbed truck after he saw him reading a book propped on his steering wheel - while simultaneously speaking on his mobile phone wedged between his head and shoulder.

When he noticed the member of the public making his concerns known, the driver began remonstrating with the man and making obscene gestures.

''He was giving me f***s'.'


At this juncture, the member of the public called *555, the police phone line for reporting a road incidents or unsafe drivers.

A police spokeswoman confirmed they were called about 4.30pm on Monday to reports of a ''commercial driver reportedly using a cellphone and also reading something while driving on Cumberland St''.

''A message was put out on police radio to keep an eye out for the vehicle.''

Police failed to catch the driver, but his manager was ''made aware of what was reported to police'', the spokeswoman said.

The manager of the commercial contracting business confirmed yesterday he had spoken with police.

While he had narrowed down the multi-tasker to two possible culprits, he was unsure who was to blame.

''I've let them know that's embarrassing and illegal and you could end up killing someone,'' the manager said.