A beachfront house has been totally destroyed by fire tonight on the Kāpiti Coast, north of Wellington.

The fire engulfed the entire property and ignited fires on at least two neighbouring homes.

It was one of two major fires tonight.

A member of the public has been seriously injured in a second fire in Gore.


Fire services were alerted to the blaze, on Gorton St, just after 9pm.

A Fire and Emergency spokesperson confirmed just after 6am on Saturday that the fire had been contained and everybody had left the scene.

A Fire and Emergency spokesperson told the Herald on Friday night that none of the people who live at the property or neighbouring properties had been hurt or caught up in the initial blaze.

"That's the best thing, really. We can replace material things."

A firefighter, however, was injured. Authorities said the injury was minor.

A police spokeswoman said they had been called to the house fire on Tutere St in Waikanae Beach at 7.12pm.

Eight units responded from as far away as Otaki and Wellington.

A Fire and Emergency central fire communications spokesman told Stuff two neighbouring houses had caught fire due to its intensity. Both had now been extinguished.


"We have had reports of other people's smoke alarms going off, as you could imagine, there's a lot of smoke."

It would take some time to extinguish the blaze, he said.

"We just want to make sure that people stay well away from it, so we can get our guys in there as quickly as possible."

A worker at the Waimea Restaurant nearby told the Herald "the people that live at the house" are at the restaurant.

He didn't know how many people were there, just that they were being looked after.

"We're just keeping them safe."

At least one of the house's occupants can been seen sheltering at the restaurant and waiting for paramedics.

Police are speaking to him, while he is seated with a blanket around him.

Photo / Sadie Beckman
Photo / Sadie Beckman

A neighbour also said four tenants that live in the house are believed to be out.

Other properties in the area are possibly at risk as the neighbourhood is covered in ash and sparks.

Fire services are unable to get on the property and are blasting the blaze with hoses from the street. They are also using hose water to cool and protect neighbouring properties.

One witness said the blaze was "massive".

"Lighting up the sky red. I hope everyone is okay."

Photo / Sadie Beckman
Photo / Sadie Beckman

A person who posted to the Waikanae Community Info Facebook page wrote:

"Fire Tutere St next to Waimea house gone!!"

When a second person shared concerns about anyone being inside, a third person said that "we checked, looked empty".

A St John Ambulance spokesman said they had not been called to the fire.