A Mosgiel man who bit a police officer after being tasered twice has been jailed for two and a-half years.

Police first became aware of Adam Keith Mason's drug use and erratic behaviour in August last year when they found him beside his severely damaged vehicle.

The 32-year-old appeared "confused, sleepy ... and was unable to talk with clarity.''

A blood sample showed Mason had Lorazepam and THC (the active constituent of cannabis) in his system.


By October 27, things had deteriorated.

After a drink and drug binge, Mason turned up at his partner's home.

"He exhibited rapid mood swings and quickly became enraged with the victim when she began questioning his whereabouts, he also appeared confused by his surroundings,'' a police summary said.

The woman locked herself in the bathroom but Mason, while verbally abusing her, kicked the door until the frame cracked.

Two of her friends, who had been visiting, tried to calm the defendant but they could not persuade him to leave the house.

Instead, they took the woman's son and called police.

Mason's rage grew. He pushed the victim on to the couch and strangled her until she managed to kick out and free herself from his clutches.

Mason's attitude swung wildly again as he offered her an apology - then followed it with an uppercut to her chin.

While the woman lay on the floor, bleeding from her mouth, the defendant stomped on her right ankle. It had been previously injured and the blow caused her "immense pain'', the court heard.

Mason inflicted further blows then grabbed her by the back of the neck and drove her forehead into a concrete wall.

He grabbed her cellphone and went upstairs.

Sergeant Kevin Davidson arrived and Mason's rage had not cooled.

He screamed abuse at the officer who repeatedly asked the man to move away from the victim.

As Mason advanced on him Sgt Davidson drew his Taser, which made the man immediately more compliant. However, as he applied handcuffs, the defendant flipped again. After he threatened to punch the officer, Sgt Davidson twice deployed his Taser - with no effect.

The pair wrestled on the lounge floor and after a brief respite, Mason broke loose from the officer's grip and bit down hard on his left forearm.

When the defendant was finally restrained there was still time for one more flip. Mason apologised to Sgt Davidson before yelling at other police officers that he had been "brutalised''.

As he was taken from the scene he spat blood in the sergeant's face.

Mason pleaded guilty to injuring with intent to injure, aggravated assault and driving while impaired.

Defence counsel Sarah Saunderson-Warner said her client was highly motivated to address his alcohol and drug problems. He wrote a letter to the court saying he hated what he had done every time he looked in the mirror.

Judge Kevin Phillips commended the defendant for his new attitude.

Along with the prison term, Mason was banned from driving for 16 months and ordered to pay $321.

A protection order was issued in favour of the victim.