As the country awaits the arrival of the First Baby, parents-to-be Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford are making sure everything is ready for their child's arrival.

One thing this Kiwi baby won't be short of is ... gumboots.

Gayford and Ardern's first baby is not even born yet and is already the proud owner of not one but three pairs of the classic Red Band gumboots.

Gayford tweeted a photo showing all the pairs of cute little gumboots baby Ardern-Gayford has been gifted so far, including a pair of "bloody cute" knitted ones.


"In lieu of Fieldays tomorrow I'd like to register my first ever 'In my day', because in 'IN MY DAY' we couldn't afford fancy redbands, and always had warehouse knock offs," Gayford tweeted. "Yet jnr-to-be has already been given 3 pairs. (ok one pair is handknitted and bloody cute, but still)."