Two young men's honesty in returning a lost wallet proves Aotearoa is still filled with "amazing human beings", an Auckland mum says.

Razaan Van Niekerk and her husband Irfaan Ali Abbas were out shopping at Sylvia Park on Thursday night when the wallet fell off their child's pram while it was being loaded into their car.

The wallet contained $450 in cash to buy new clothes and food for Eid to mark the end of Ramadan.

Abbas said he and his wife didn't realise the wallet had fallen in the darkness because they "have kids and it was cold and we were trying to get them in the car quickly".


When he later returned to the carpark with his brother to hunt for the wallet using torches, they looked "a little suspect" and drew the attention of security guards.

After explaining what they were doing, the guards radioed around to see if a wallet had been handed in but then told Abbas: "It's gone, you should cancel your cards and just move on".

Abbas resigned himself to losing the cash in the wallet that was to be used to help the family celebrate Eid.

"Typically you would go out and buy new clothes for your family and dress up nice on the day, so that was what the funds were for," he said.

However, little did he know, Raman Dhindsa had already sent them a message via Facebook saying the wallet had been found.

Dhindsa and his friend had spotted the wallet in the carpark and the next day they returned to Sylvia Park to return it to the couple with everything still inside - cash included.

"I am overwhelmed by the honesty of these two men and the effort they took to look us up on Facebook," Van Niekerk said.

"We need more amazing human beings like them. I'm blown away!"

Dhindsa and his pal at first refused to accept a small reward from the couple, prompting Van Niekerk to post about their kindness on the Beach Haven and Birkdale Community Facebook page.

"I can't repay their awesome kind honesty, it's priceless! That's why I shared," she said on the page.

"It was so honest," Abbas said. "They didn't touch anything, the money was still there, everything was in place.

"I offered them a small reward, just a little bit of cash and they just refused. They didn't want to take it at all.

"But I said, 'No, you know what, you guys have done the right thing, you are young, you deserve it'."

"They are just really good guys."