Multiple crashes and breakdowns this afternoon have caused heavy congestion across several arterial routes in Auckland.

A crash on the westbound lane of the Northwestern Motorway after Bond St had caused heavy traffic between Great North Rd to Lincoln Rd.

Traffic was also heavy between George Bolt Memorial Drive and Puhinui Rd on the southbound lane of the Southwestern Motorway after a crash blocked an off ramp.

Northbound traffic was also heavy from George Bolt Memorial Dr and Neilson St.


Earlier today a breakdown on the Auckland Harbour Bridge's southbound lane at 4pm had caused delays, taking 45 minutes to be cleared.

Motorists were told to expects delays from congestion.

Southern Motorway:

Heavy in patches between Symonds St and South Eastern Arterial.

Heavy between Manukau and Takanini as well.

Northern Motorway: Heavy between the Harbour bridge and Upper Harbour Highway for northbound.

Slow from Northcote Rd to the Harbour bridge citybound.