National MP Judith Collins says Transport Minister Phil Twyford stood up on a plane while the seatbelt sign was on to put his jacket in an overhead locker.

It was during the same flight that Twyford made a phone call after the plane's doors had been closed, Collins said, citing an informant.

Twyford was relieved of his responsibility for the Civil Aviation Authority after he admitted he made a made a phone call on the Air New Zealand plane, which was still on the tarmac at Wellington.

Standing up while the seatbelt sign is lit, and using a mobile phone after the plane doors are closed are both in breach of CAA rules.


Twyford apologised and offered his resignation to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as Transport Minister after Collins put questions to him about the incident on May 17.

Collins said today she had been told about both incidents by the same member of the public.

"The same informant told me that following Phil's phone call, he got up and took his jacket off and put it up in the luggage compartment when the plane was taxiing," she said.

Comment was being sought from Twyford on the latest allegation.

Following Twyford's admission yesterday, Ardern said she was disappointed, and expected all her ministers to act in accordance with the rules.