Gunshots fired in rural west Auckland which sparked an armed callout and police cordons turned out to be someone shooting rabbits.

Around 10am residents on the Facebook community page Waitākere Township Grapevine reported being told to stay inside, and seeing more than 12 police cars and eight armed officers.

One said there had been reports that a truck driver had seen a person with a gun.

Resident Janelle Scrimshaw said she first saw police cars and a helicopter circling overhead when she went shopping about 10am.


She tried to get back home to Arrowsmith Rd, off Wairere Rd, where her 14-year-old daughter was home sick, but was stopped by the cordon.

Armed police have blocked off Bethells Rd near Wairere Rd in rural west Auckland. Photos / Tommy Cook
Armed police have blocked off Bethells Rd near Wairere Rd in rural west Auckland. Photos / Tommy Cook

"Police with guns were blocking the roads. There must have been more than 15 cop cars, including undercover police, trucks, and a helicopter overhead."

She was told by another resident that a neighbour had heard a gunshot and called police, believing someone was being shot.

Another person since then had told her they might have been shooting rabbits.

This person turned out to be correct.

"The incident related to reports of gunshots being heard, which turned out to be someone who was shooting rabbits," police said in a statement this evening.

"No one was arrested in relation to this incident."

Police said at 12.50pm that the incident was now resolved and the cordon had been lifted.

Police had earlier confirmed they are "conducting an operation at an address in Waitākere".

"Bethells Rd is currently closed however local residents are being allowed access to their homes through the police cordon."

Police cordons have led to extensive delays for motorists in the area, with some waiting for more than an hour.

A staff member at Waitākere Primary School said there were armed police just down the road from the school near the corner of Bethells Rd and Wairere Rd.

They had heard police cars and a police helicopter circling above.

cops blocked our main roads, helicopter out.. police out with guns.. wholey shit, some serious shit going down

Posted by Janelle Scrimshaw on Tuesday, 15 May 2018

"We have been trying to contact police as we have had so many parents ringing up. We haven't been told anything yet."

She had heard something might have happened around Duffy Rd.

Police are currently conducting an operation at an address in Waitakere. Bethells Rd is currently closed however local...

Posted by North Shore, Rodney & West Auckland Police on Tuesday, 15 May 2018