A North Shore man who was car-jacked, bashed and robbed by two strangers - one wearing a mask - is too afraid to sleep as he fears his attackers may return.

The victim, who asked not to be named, told the Herald he believed the incident, which happened late on Tuesday night, may have been a case of mistaken identity.

One of the alleged offenders told the man he owed someone $1600 and another person $2000 and they were there to make him pay up - claims that baffled the victim who said he didn't owe anyone money.

After leaving his job at a fast food restaurant about 11.25pm the man was driving home along Easton Park Parade in Glenfield when he noticed a dark green ute following him.


The vehicle, which the man said appeared to be an older model, quickly overtook him before stopping suddenly in front of his car, forcing him to slam on the brakes.

"Two guys [got out and] within a fraction of a second they jumped in my car," the victim said.

One man, who the victim described as Caucasian, got in the front passenger seat while the masked man sat in the back seat behind the driver.

"The guy sitting in the front with me said: 'You owe two people some money'," he said.

"They asked me to keep driving. I was pretty scared. I didn't know what to do and what not to do."

Although he didn't see a weapon the victim was not sure whether the alleged offenders were armed and feared they would hurt him so he complied with their demands.

"They said they know my home, they know what I do, they know my family members," the victim said.

One of the alleged offenders called the victim by his nickname, which was similar to his boss' name.


Desperate to get help, the victim started driving in the direction of a colleague's house.

"That's when they said 'whatever you have just give it to us'," he said.

"They started to check me - my pockets and everything. They took my phone. They took my [bank and student ID] cards."

The robbers told the man to keep driving. He did but turned around to try to get a better look at the masked man seated behind him.

"When I glanced at him I got punched in my eye. I could actually taste blood in my throat," the victim said.

Because the victim wasn't carrying any cash the alleged offenders told him they would be back to collect the $3600.

"'Should we come to your home or do you want us to meet at your work?'" they asked.

The man said at that point he was terrified and so agreed they could meet him at his workplace.

"My eye was bleeding. I was crying out loud. They said 'pull over'. I pulled over. The guys ran out of my car."

After they left the victim drove to his colleague's house to get help.

His friend called the police, who arrived minutes later to take the man's statement and then took him to the station to lodge an official report.

The victim said police forensics staff searched his car for fingerprints and other evidence.

Police confirmed they had received a report of a man being robbed on Easton Park Parade on May 8, sometime after 11.30pm.

Police have taken a statement from the man and are following up as appropriate, a spokesman said. They are yet to make any arrests.

The victim said he and his wife had struggled to sleep since the car-jacking.

"We can't explain our shock."

He told the Herald his manager, who had a similar name to him, had received threatening calls a few months ago and the victim wondered if the incidents were related and suspected the offenders may have thought he was his boss.

"It was pretty strange because no one would just jump in your car and know your name, you know?"