Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will hold her regular post-Cabinet press conference today with the addition of a sign language interpreter.

To mark New Zealand Sign Language Week, beginning today, the Prime Minister's office will be providing the interpreter at the weekly press conference permanently.

"We need to make sure that our actions as Government are more accessible, transparent and available to more members of the community to see and hear," Ardern said.

"This is one small move to ensure we are enhancing accessibility and but also to celebrate an incredible week," she said in a video to announce the move, which was also signed by an interpreter.


Ardern has also made a video wishing everyone a happy New Zealand Sign Language Week in sign language.

Deaf Aotearoa issued a challenge to New Zealand's leaders who don't know NZSL to learn and sign a brief message to show their support for NZSL Week.

"We're super proud that New Zealand's leader was the first to take up the challenge. Thank you Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for your support," the organisation said on its Facebook page.

The Catholic Diocese of Auckland deaf community also posted a video of Bishop Patrick Dunne delivering a similar message.