National's Northcote candidate Dan Bidois was first out of the blocks today, launching his byelection campaign with party leader Simon Bridges and around 300 party faithful in attendance.

Bidois outlined his three campaign priorities – transport, fuel tax and housing infrastructure.

"I want to bring my economic credentials, my real-world experience and my determination to get results for Northcote, Bidois said.

Bidois did not believe residents were getting a fair deal from central government.


Transport was a big issue for Northcote residents, who he estimated would pay an extra $6.3 million for fuel excise and $5.3m in regional fuel tax, or $700 a year per family.

"We already have significant shortfalls in our own Auckland Council transport plan and I don't believe we should pay more in regional and government fuel taxes to fund other parts of the city without getting anything for it.

He also wanted to ensure intensified housing developments had the necessary infrastructure such as carparks, waste-water drainage, sufficient schools and transport.

Labour's candidate, Shanan Halbert, has also tagged transport issues as a priority. He will launch his campaign next Sunday.

Former Auckland mayoralty hopeful Stephen Berry will contest the Northcote byelection for the ACT Party, it was announced today.

ACT leader David Seymour said Bidois and Halbert were "nice guys but they are offering more of the same, tired ideas".

"Northcote has suffered enough neglect from Labour and National. They now need a maverick to put their issues on the table," Seymour said in a statement.

The Green Party has previously announced it will stand a candidate in Northcote.


New Zealand First has said it will not contest the seat, left vacant by former National minister Jonathan Coleman.

Coleman quit politics last month to run private health company Acurity.