Donations made to political parties during the last election have been released - with the National Party pulling in almost three times that donated to Labour.

The annual returns filed with the Electoral Commission include donations and loans over $30,000.

The National Party received $4,579,086 for its campaign and The Opportunities Party (TOP) declared $2,344,110 in donations. Most of the $2m donated to TOP came from Gareth Morgan.

Despite the large fund the party only secured 2.4 of the vote in September - below the 5 percent threshold needed to gain a seat.


The Labour Party received $1,611,073 in donations, the Green Party received $848,468 and NZ First received $ 546,254.

One of the biggest donations made to the Labour party was from retired High Court judge Hon Robert Smellie QC who gifted a total of $130,000.