The Corrections Department is reviewing its complaints process as inmates have made multiple allegations about sexual and serious assaults against Corrections staff.

As it stands the current reporting system does not allow information from initial investigations and following investigations to be collated.

"Between 2012 and 2016, there were 16 allegations of sexual assault and 15 allegations of serious assault made against staff," Corrections chief custodial officer Neil Beales said.

Two of those allegations were made by female inmates.


Corrections could not say how many, if any, guards were stood down, a spokeswoman said.

In 2017 about 24,000 prisoners went through our prison system.

"Our current reporting system does not allow us to match the initial allegation information collected during the IR.07 notification process with the information collected during this new investigation process," Beales said.

That was because the latter information was not currently centrally collated, he said.

"This makes it difficult for us to readily collect and report data relating to investigation outcomes stemming from allegations made through the IR.07 notification process.

"We are reviewing this IR.07 process and are developing a more comprehensive case management system for employment investigations."

That would allow Corrections to centrally collect and report on allegations and the outcomes of investigations into these allegations.

The "overwhelming majority" of Corrections staff fulfilled their duties with integrity and commitment in what is often a pressured and challenging environment, Beales said.


"When they don't meet these standards, we take appropriate action."