Police have concerns for a Hamilton teenager who hasn't been seen since in more than 48 hours.

Roger Ou, 17, was last seen in the city about 9am on Friday.

Roger's distraught mother, Ni Chen, told the Herald she is desperate to know where her son is.

"He's run away from home ... it's two days now. I'm worried whether he's alive or not."


She said he was last seen wearing a red polar fleece jersey.

Family friend David Wheadon is helping co-ordinate the search.

Locals have been scouring around Roger's neighbourhood, near Berkley Normal Middle School.

"Local kids have gone through the local gullies, because it's quite a bushy area. I've spent time going through alleyways and internet cafes, because he's interested in that sort of carry on, but we haven't seen any online activity yet."

Friends had also walked along the Waikato River bank, he said.

"He had a typical teenage disagreement with the family at home so he's taken off at that point. The unusual thing, for a teenager, he didn't take his phone and he hasn't taken an Eftpos card. We suspect he may have had a little bit of money, in regards to $50, but we don't know that for sure."

Wheadon said police had initially told him they didn't have the resources to help in the search as they were searching for a man who fled into the Waikato River after allegedly attacking a woman on Friday.

They've since had a possible sighting of Roger at The Warehouse in Hillcrest, and would this afternoon try to obtain CCTV footage.


Waikato police are currently looking for Roger, today posting a request for sightings on their Facebook page.

"Roger, your family are very concerned. Please contact Police or family to let them know you are safe," they wrote.

Roger is a Year 12 student at Hillcrest High School.

Anyone who has seen Roger is urged to contact police on 07 8586200, or to call 111.

Hamilton Police are currently looking for Roger OU. Roger is a 17 year old male Asian who has been missing from...

Posted by Waikato Police on Saturday, 28 April 2018