Armed police surrounded a South Auckland house earlier today with a family holed up inside, a man told the Herald.

A police spokeswoman confirmed police made a pre-planned visit to a Pukekohe property in relation to a person of interest.

"The AOS attended as a precaution for attending staff. The person was there and we were working to speak with them."

The police have now spoken with the person and their visit to the property has ended without incident and no arrests, police said.


Earlier, the man told the Herald by phone he was hiding with his family in the bathroom of their home, the property was surrounded by armed police and his family were terrified.

He said he'd been holed up with his wife and children since 9am.

"It's ridiculous. Half of the Auckland police are here," he said.

"They're terrifying families."

He confirmed police had confiscated firearms from him, but he called the police response out of proportion.

The man claimed he was a former police officer and said police told him they had concerns for his firearms - so he arranged for his neighbours to give the weapons to officers.

He said the situation was scary.

"I don't know what's going on. The only reason I consented to this [handing over the guns] was because they were going to kick the door in with armed police and I've got two little kids in the house crying their eyes out."