After serving four months of home detention, a Whanganui woman has decided "she didn't want to put her family through the stress" and would rather go to prison.

Natasha Nuku was convicted of shoplifting over $1000 worth of items from a sports shop in Feilding and giving police a fake name when she was arrested in March last year.

Nuku, 25, appeared in the Whanganui District Court last week to be resentenced.

Defence lawyer Anna Brosnahan said Nuku had decided the address at which she was serving her home detention at was not suitable.


"She doesn't want to put pressure on the family and cause them stress. One of them is having a baby."

The police summary of facts said Nuku used a pram to steal the goods from Turners Sports on Manchester St in Feilding with a female associate.

"As she passed the shop serving counter on her left, she reached over and removed three boxed items from the top of the counter and placed them in the top hood of the pram, concealing them with a dark-coloured coat hanging from the handle of the pram."

The summary said the items taken were valued at $1598.94.

When approached by the police, Nuku gave a false name and date of birth. Her correct identity was later discovered through fingerprints and Nuku admitted the offending.

She told police she was "desperate for money".

All property was returned to the shop owner undamaged and suitable for sale. No reparation was sought.

Brosnahan suggested to the judge that her prison sentenced should be reduced considering she had already served four months.

Judge Philip Crayton resentenced Nuku to six months' imprisonment.