A Northland woman who stayed at a Tutukaka bach didn't know methamphetamine was being manufactured in the property until the police Armed Offenders Squad turned up, a jury has heard.

The police interview of Charla McIntyre, 19, was played before the jury in the Whangarei District Court today during the second week of a trial in which she and three others are facing serious drugs charges.

Also charged are Kimberley Gibbons-Hurinui, 32, Jeffery Hall, 35, and Tama Watene-Toi, 52 who, along with McIntyre, are all facing seven charges in relation to the discovery of a meth lab in Dolphin Place, on the Tutukaka Coast, on July 10, 2016.

They are charged with manufacturing meth, possession of equipment with an intention of manufacturing meth, possession of meth for supply, unlawful possession of a restricted weapon, unlawful possession of a pistol, unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of an explosive.


The clandestine meth lab was busted after a property manager became suspicious and called police.

In her police interview conducted by Detective Constable Joseph Reuben, McIntyre said she didn't know methamphetamine was being cooked at the property when she went there with two others on July 9, 2016.

McIntyre said that day she went with others to The Warehouse in Whangarei and they bought assorted items such as shower gel, body conditioners and storage containers.

Upon her return to the bach, she noticed the property was messy and saw gas bottles, pots and iodine and a window covered with blankets which she said was "weird".

McIntyre said she also saw a man drilling holes in a ranch slider.

When asked by Reuben if she said anything or spoke to anyone about what she saw, McIntyre said she did not.

"I was suspicious but thought best not to say anything," she said.

McIntyre said she didn't smoke meth, wasn't aware of how the drug was made, and didn't know what others in the bach were doing. She slept on the couch that evening and later went to her bed in the bach.


McIntyre said she freaked out and had never been so scared in her life when the Armed Offenders Squad came to the bach and into her bedroom the following morning.

Asked what made her think it was a meth lab, McIntyre said a police officer told her. The defence may open its case tomorrow.