There is nothing like a good cuppa that can cheer you right up on a cold day - even better when it's free.

An Auckland cafe business is offering free cups of coffee to all Vector crew members as a thank you for the work they have carried out over the last few days, since stormy weather conditions caused a mass power outage in the city.

At one point, up to 100,000 properties were without electricity.

Coffee General, which has cafes in Birkenhead, Takapuna and Millwater, was among those affected by the power cut.


Its Birkenhead cafe partially lost power and is still waiting to be fully connected. But local businesses - including their competitors - as well as Vector contractors had helped them to stay open for customers, owner Hans Pronk said.

"We just thought, with those guys working into the night and in some pretty horrible nights too, that they deserved some sort of recognition or reward.

"I've been following the Vector updates and they've done a pretty stellar job.

"We wanted to show our appreciation...and this is the way we thought of.''

Anyone who works for the lines company, armed with an ID, can be treated a coffee at any of their stores all day tomorrow.