A Rotorua man has admitted telling a woman he had been forced to drink poison and would die unless she performed certain sexual acts on him within 48 hours.

The 24-year-old pleaded guilty in the Rotorua District Court on Friday to sexual connection induced by threat and male assaults female.

He will be sentenced on May 25.

The police summary of facts states the man went to the woman's home, "red faced and bent over holding his ribs" and told her he had been beaten up and forced to drink a vial of toxin.


He told her he would die unless he didn't sweat it out within 48 hours. She suggested he go for a run but he said that wouldn't work as he had to sweat it out in a "particular way". He told her there was no antidote as the person who beat him up was flying overseas.

Shortly after, she began getting emails from an unknown email address appearing to verify his story.

The emails instructed her to perform sexual acts on the man four times and have sexual intercourse three times within the 48-hour period, to exhaust the toxin from his system.

The summary said the woman only consented because she believed the man's life was in danger.

Following this 48 hours, the emails and threats continued. They said people she loved would be hurt if she didn't perform certain sexual acts with the man. The kinds of activity included performing the acts three to seven times per day, or until he fell asleep, as well as allowing the man to film it on his phone.

The threats stated if she didn't comply, semi-naked photos of her would be posted on the internet. She was also promised a car and large quantities of money if she did as instructed.

The woman began to suspect it was the man sending the emails as they included spelling mistakes, referred to him by a nickname he only ever called himself and because he was the only person to benefit.

Eventually she confronted him and he denied knowledge of the emails. He grabbed her arm, twisted it behind her back and knocked her to the ground.


When the woman realised the threats were not going to stop she confided in a friend who encouraged her to report it to the police.

The man had not previously appeared before the court.