An Auckland truck driver says he witnessed the worst piece of driving in his life as a car overtook him on windy yellow lines in a gorge near Rotorua.

The man, who didn't want to be named, was taking his parents, on holiday from India, from Tauranga to Rotorua earlier this month when his father videoed the vehicle.

The video shows the man negotiating a windy section of State Highway 36 when he is suddenly overtaken by a white four wheel drive.

The vehicle passes them on a blind corner on the yellow lines before carrying on in the distance, cutting the corner while approaching the next turn.


"I was just shocked because I was driving to Rotorua with my family and we were just going around a corner and the car just came out of nowhere.

"The gorge from Tauranga to Rotorua is really dangerous, especially in that portion. You can't drive like that."

Going by the look of the vehicle he doubted that it would be tourists behind the wheel.

He said they continued to see the car in the distance for a short period which showed the driver continuing to cut the corners.

"He just didn't go over [yellow lines] once, he was doing it over and over."

He said the incident occurred on March 15 about 5pm.

He shared the video as he had been monitoring the road toll in the media and said driving like this didn't help keep people safe.

"The death toll on our roads is spiking, so that's really terrible. Just imagine if a car just came out in front of it, what would happen? An accident."


The 27-year-old labelled the driving the worst he had ever seen.

"I'm used to watching this, but that was just terrible ... one of the worst, I think most worst."

The Herald is seeking comment from police.