Business owners are up in arms over plans to extend bus stops, which they believe would contribute to parking woes, pollution and noise.

Auckland Transport (AT) has proposed to lengthen two bus stops in Mt Eden village, which are used by around 500 buses a day.

Mt Eden Business Association said in a statement the proposal posed a "grave" threat to businesses and would "effectively turn the heritage shopping and dining precinct into one long bus terminal".

Chairman of the business association Steve Roper said there was significant opposition from shopkeepers and locals, including a petition with about 900 signatures.


"Our main reasons for opposing their plan is the increased pollution, noise and significant disruption to trade."

AT also proposed extending bus lane and clearway operating hours, removing carparks and changing parking restrictions in the village, the first of which the business association favoured if done in a way that suited locals.

AT's chief stakeholder relationships officer, Wally Thomas said if the proposal to extend bus stops in the village went ahead, AT would remove six carparks - three on each side of the road.

"Extending these bus stops would allow for two buses to stop at a time, whereas currently only one can stop and this can cause buses to bunch up and block the traffic, this also creates safety issues for pedestrians crossing the road."

He said AT was also proposing to increase the amount of short-term parking in the village.

The petition started by the business association suggested the bus stops be relocated to the outskirts of the village near the intersection of Valley Rd, which would mean no carpark losses, and less disruption to businesses.

Roper said the business association spent considerable time and funds meeting with AT, which had "ignored all our concerns and disregarded reasonable solutions put to them".

"We have a viable solution and have been collaborative – we're prepared to fight this strongly and will take legal action if necessary."


Thomas said AT had looked at the business association's suggestion to move the bus stops.

He said it presented challenges including the location being less safe for pedestrians because of its distance from pedestrian crossings and the steep gradient, making it difficult for mobility impaired users to get on and off buses.

It would also see the removal of 16 carparks, according to Thomas.

Public consultation closed on February 28, however AT has extended it to give the business association more time to make a submission.

"To date they have not taken up that invitation," said Thomas.

AT received more than 700 submissions and early indications showed the majority were in support.

Roper said the material AT distributed about the possible changes did not identify the location of the bus stops or parking changes in relation to existing businesses, driveways, loading zones and carparks.

He said the business association had urgently requested a clear survey plan map of the proposed changes so it could make an "informed" submission.

Mt Eden Business Association is holding a public meeting at 7pm on March 12 at The Mt Eden Village Centre.