Americans in New Zealand are a step closer to having a memorial to recognise the partnership between the US and NZ during times of war and peace.

The design for the memorial at Pukeahu National War Memorial Park in Wellington was released today.

It will be a six by three and a half metre granite carving situated on a small meandering hill.

The granite tablet will have an extract from a 1943 radio address about the Anzacs from then US Secretary of the Navy, Frank Knox engraved into it.


Venezuelan-American architect Monica Ponce de Leon designed the monument, and US Ambassador Scott Brown unveiled the plan.

Brown was nervous during the planning stage, worrying the memorial could be too overbearing or subtle.

But he said now the design has been unveiled, he likes it, saying it will be a reflective spot for people to visit.

The revealing of the design was paired with the blessing of the land it will be built on.

Mauri stones taken from a Hawaiian naval base were buried in the park today.

They were buried to put a spiritual force into the ground which will carry the memory of the more than 150,000 American servicemen and women who served in New Zealand during World War II.