A watchdog has launched an investigation into the actions of a disgraced realty agent in connection with a West Auckland property deal.

It follows reports that Avondale Bowling Club land was allegedly sold twice in one day for significant mark-up.

It is understood Aaron Drever helped facilitate the December 2016 sales.

The end buyer was Auckland property investor Jonathan Michell, who Drever has been involved in several previous property deals with.


The Real Estate Authority confirmed to the Herald an investigation was now under way.

"The REA is investigating the matter involving the Avondale Bowling Club and Mr Drever's alleged involvement. The REA encourages anyone with information about alleged unlicensed trading to make a complaint via rea.govt.nz or to call 0800 367 7322."

Drever lost his license in 2016. He fought unsuccessfully to save his career and blamed attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and stomach stapling surgery for his long string of disciplinary rulings.

At a District Licensing Committee hearing in August last year, Bowling Club president Pat Bell said the land's $300,000 initial sale price was less than half the property's rateable value of $710,000 at the time, according to media reports.

"He was a pretty good talker," Bell said at the time.

"I think we might have made a huge mistake."

Michell reportedly told media today he initially thought he was buying the property from the bowling club.

But just before settlement it emerged the land was not being bought from Avondale Bowling Club Inc, but from another company, Avondale Bowling Club Ltd.


"Obviously I wish I had never done this transaction."

Drever could not be reached tonight.