Michelle Dickinson, known to most as Kiwi scientist Nanogirl, woke up yesterday morning and decided to get married.

Nine hours later, after a full day of work and a swift change into a wedding dress in her car, Dickinson wed the love of her life, Joe Davis.

Sharing the news on Facebook later that evening, the scientist, author and adventurer posted a thank you to the "crazy friends" and family who turned up after being notified of the event just two hours earlier.

"Tonight I got to marry the love of my life surrounded by the people that we love.


"Joe and I chatted this morning about getting married. Never ones to do things by halves and thanks to some incredible people around us we pulled it all off in under 9 hours getting married after a full day of work with me getting dressed in the car."

New husband Davis said he "couldn't be happier" the pair had tied the knot, after what had been a "perfect day" with friends and family.

"We're obviously very much in love and we'd had the conversation about 'maybe one day' over the last few months," he said.

"But the decision to do it yesterday literally came about yesterday morning."

"We had some of Michelle's family members visiting from overseas and we have friends who we would very much like to be a part of a wedding, in the country at the moment."

David said they had woken up and one of them had casually suggested "oh, we should get married".

"And we thought, yeah let's do it today."

Michelle arriving with her grandfather John Dickinson. Photo / Supplied
Michelle arriving with her grandfather John Dickinson. Photo / Supplied

From here on, it was all go.


Around 9.30am David rushed off to the Northern Club to find out whether the venue would accommodate the occasion.

Amazingly, the answer was yes. In another stroke of luck staff were able to cater for the wedding party and there was a pastry chef available there to conjure up a wedding cake.

"A beautiful wedding cake with white chocolate, I can tell you it was very very tasty and it looked absolutely beautiful," Davis said.

Now sure the event would come together, the pair informed their friends and family - several of whom rushed off to hit the shops for appropriate attire.

The pair were particularly thrilled with the arrival of Dickinson's grandfather, John, who arrived with his wife to walk his granddaughter down the aisle.

"Michelle's father passed away some years ago - it was really special that his dad could be there to share in the occasion, and spend some time with my family too," Davis said.

Not ones to desert their business duties, the pair finished their last meeting on the North Shore around 5.20pm before racing home to get ready.

After tidying up a couple of loose ends they were off to the venue - Dickinson pulling on her white dress in the car en route.

"She looked absolutely beautiful, like really out of this world. How she pulls this off getting dressed in the car, I don't know. I certainly couldn't do it," Davis said.

Dickinson's dog Noodle was also a part of the wedding party, kitted out with a snazzy black bow tie with bones on it.

Speaking to the Herald this afternoon Davis said the pair were happy with how the event had gone and grateful to those who helped make it possible.

"Michelle's brother and sister in law are at the airport right now flying back to Shanghai. It was the last day that we could possibly share it with them," he said.

"It's a pretty incredible thing to share the journey with someone who shares the same passion for life."

"We couldn't be happier."