The summit of Mount Victoria in the Auckland suburb of Devonport will be made a vehicle-free space at the start of March.

The summit, or tihi, will be permanently closed to all vehicles from March 1st, following a decision from the Tūpuna Maunga Authority - the group looking after Auckland's ancestral mountains.

Mt Victoria is the highest volcano on Auckland's North Shore. It was a popular walking spot, offering panoramic views of Auckland City, Rangitoto Island and the shore itself.

Authority chairman Paul Majurey said the move followed the "very successful" move to close the Mt Eden summit to vehicles.


"Since the changes at Maungawhau we have had consistent feedback from visitors that the maunga is a vastly more peaceful and safer place to be without cars driving up and over it," Majurey said.

"We've also had very positive comments on the steps we've taken to ensure people with limited mobility can still get to the tihi, and we will be installing the same system at Takarunga."

Those with limited mobility would be able to contact Auckland Council on the day of their visit to obtain an access code for the barrier arm at the entrance of the road leading up to the summit.

Majurey said the change reflected the historic significance of Auckland's volcanic landscape.

The maunga, or mountains, had been occupied by Ngā Mana Whenua o Tāmaki Makaurau iwi and hapū for a millennium and in many cases, archaeological remnants of early occupation remain intact.

"The maunga will continue to be public places for people to enjoy. These changes are about rethinking how we interact with the whenua and better protect it," he said.