A synthetic-drug dealer has been given a shorter sentence because he stopped dealing when he realised how dangerous the drugs were.

Jason Gear was arrested on November 17 last year, when police obtained a search warrant for his property.

Multiple bags containing 1g of synthetic drugs were found in his car, biscuit tins and a sunglasses case.

Gear, 35, co-operated with police and told them where all the drugs were hidden, saying he stopped dealing the drugs when he realised how dangerous they were.

The father-of-six stopped selling them after a spate of medical incidents involving synthetic drugs in the Wellington region last year. Gear originally thought the incidents were related to the drugs he was dealing, so stopped to investigate.

Multiple people were rushed to Wellington hospital and one person died after ingesting synthetic cannabis.

Gear said he wasn't working at the time because he was addicted to gaming and had previously sold the drugs as a way to pay the bills.

He was sentenced in Porirua District Court today after previously pleading guilty to four charges.

He was charged with supplying a psycho-active substance and possessing with intent to sell and possession of drug utensils.

He was sentenced to six and a half months in prison.

Judge James Johnston said he had taken into account Gear's remorse and willingness to help police when deciding his sentence.

He said Gear knew the negative health effects the drug brought to the community and was hoping it would deter him and others from dealing it again in the future.

Synthetic drugs are not natural, so users often do not know what they are ingesting. The drugs can cause seizure, vomiting and death.