Remember going to Christchurch and seeing the Beehive? Of course you don't.

Unless you're a member of Jetstar's social media team, in which case you might have your New Zealand cities mixed up a bit.

A post on the airline's Instagram account got a few more comments than usual, with Kiwis having to point out that the photo Jetstar had captioned as being in Canterbury is, in fact, New Zealand's capital Wellington.

Kiwis saw the funny side of the blunder.


"Chch is HEAPS more coastal than I remember," someone commented.

"Dis not Canterbury hon," another Instagram user said.

The airline posted the photo to Facebook yesterday and Kiwis were quick to point it out that Christchurch was looking very "Wellington-y" on that social media outlet as well.

There's just something about flying over NZ that we can't get over, especially when you're flying home. This stunning photo from @divyeshbhaven over Wellington

Posted by Jetstar NZ on Tuesday, 6 February 2018

"No wonder your time keeping is so poor - you have no idea where your planes are," a Facebook user said.

"Probably the metadata on the photo gave the wrong location," a more understanding user said, adding: "but yep, Canterbury is about 169 miles south of there!"

The airline fixed the caption this morning: "Thanks everyone - of course it's stunning Welly! From a plane but not over the plains. Corrected now."