Police are reminding boaties to wear lifejackets after two people were caught without them today.

About 20 vessels were stopped and checked by the Auckland Police Maritime Unit between North Head and Long Bay this morning.

While police were pleased overall with the preparedness of most boaties, two people were not wearing lifejackets.

One of the people had a lifejacket on board and was not wearing it, but one kayaker was not carrying one at all.


The kayaker was sent back to shore under close observation to ensure his safety and was given an infringement notice.

Senior Constable Peter Comer said not wearing a lifejacket was dangerous and unacceptable – especially when MetService had forecast 25 knot easterly winds gusting to 35.

"Other kayakers stopped were very well set up which shows it's not hard to ensure your safety, but one without a lifejacket is one too many," he said.

"Conditions can change quickly out on the water and lifejackets increase your survival time in the water, it's as simple as that."

Boaties are also reminded they should have two forms of waterproof communication on board, leave their trip intentions with someone onshore and always check the forecast.